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Short Term Exchange

Short-Term Exchange is a 60 day short term exchange program.  Applicants are matched with a student in Europe or South America.  Matches are based on the student’s age, gender, country preference and interests. 

The purpose of the program is:

  1. To promote international peace, goodwill and understanding through a 60 day family-to-family international exchange.

  2. To provide the opportunity for students within Rotary D-5080 to experience international travel and spend 30 days with a foreign host family.

  3. To provide the opportunity for foreign students to experience international travel and spend 30 days living with a family in Rotary D-5080.


A cultural and educational experience for two “matched” students and their families.

An opportunity to experience the culture and customs of a foreign country and

share the culture and customs of his/her own country.

Program Calendar


Students depart (group travel itinerary)



Students and their “matched” counterparts return



Students fly home


(program dates may vary)

Exchange Countries:













Netherlands (Holland)





Applicant Criteria
  • Students between 15 and 19 years old

  • A Rotary or non-Rotary family

  • Well-rounded students who are open to new ideas and experiences

  • Ambassadors of their family, home community, country and Rotary district

  • Students who understand and abide by Rotary Youth Exchange Rules (included in the Short Term Application) and be able to adapt to their host families and host country.  


You will pay a fee of US$500 which covers orientation/administration of the program and insurance. Half is due with your application and half is due in May. You will be responsible to arrange and pay for your round trip airfare and Visa expenses. We encourage you to use our Rotary approved travel agent as they are particularly familiar with youth exchange travel, however, you are free to make your own arrangements as well. 

Other Costs Include:
  • Airfare

  • Passport

  • Modest gift for host family

  • Reasonable amount of spending money

  • Room, board, recreational and sightseeing costs for the foreign student’s visit. 

    (The host family will provide similar items for the US/Canadian student.)


Students and at least one parent are required to attend the Short Term Exchange orientation:

In May – at Camp Lutherhaven near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

See details on the Events page. 

Application Process

1.  Contact your local Rotary Club (Finder) and tell them of your interest or send us an email and we’ll let you know who to contact in your area.  

2. Download and follow the instructions carefully to complete the forms below and submit these to your local Rotary Club with a check for half of the total registration fee by February 15:

Short Term Exchange


5.51 Short Term Exchange Program Country Preference*



Feb 15

YEAH Short Term Exchange Program Application

Feb 15

YEAH Host Family Application

Feb 15

5.56 Conger Memorial Fund Scholarship Application for Short Term Exchange

Feb 15

* These forms are fillable, saveable and printable and some information has been completed for you to save time; however, these forms have compatibility issues with Safari browsers (eg on IPADs) so PLEASE USE YOUR PC OR MAC and be sure to use the most current version of Adobe Reader DC (see link below).

3.  Student and parents are interviewed by the local Rotary Club who also visit the applicant's home. 

Student and Family Suggestions
  • Learn about the country you will be visiting, "know before you go" to make the most of this cultural opportunity!

  • Families should plan and be able to provide recreational, educational and sightseeing opportunities for the foreign student during his/her visit.

  • Discuss ways the student can act as a goodwill ambassador while on exchange.

Local Rotary Clubs
  • Distribute brochures, applications, and country preference forms to potential applicants.

  • Interview applicants and parents.

  • Provide a counselor for the ap plicant and his/her family.

  • Visit the applicant’s home to determine that the family is able to host the foreign student.

  • Invite US/Canadian applicant and his/her parents to a Rotary meeting prior to departure.

  • Invite the foreign & US/Canadian students to a Rotary meeting while they are both in our district.

  • Be available to help the foreign student with any concerns or problems.

Sponsoring Rotary Clubs

Forward completed and approved applications listed above & fees to the Vice Chair-Short Term Exchange Program on or before the due dates above.  

More Information:

Short Term Exchange Brochure

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