Rotary District 5080 Youth Exchange:  British Columbia, Idaho, Washington
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District Committee Resources

This page is for use by the youth exchange district committee members and administrators and is provided to assist the committee in its role in administration of the youth exchange program.  

Committee Manual

Index to Documents

A.00 General Documents

B.00 Job Descriptions Documents

C.00 Vice Chairs' Reference Documents

C.51 Inbound Student Agreement**

C.52 Inbound Student Travel Permission**   

C.53 Exchange Agreement

D.00 Committee Policy and Procedure Documents

D.51 Expense Claim Form

D.52 Letter of Understanding

D.53 Early Return Form

** These forms arrive with the student's application.  Clubs will be provided a copy but Clubs are not responsible for obtaining these forms. Therefore, these 2 forms reside in the Committee Manual but they are also posted on the Club Resources page with an explanation.

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