Rotary District 5080 Youth Exchange:  British Columbia, Idaho, Washington
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This page is for use by clubs' youth exchange administrators and is provided to assist clubs in administration of the youth exchange program.  

The District Committee's goal is to improve documentation of the program and the administration process. The forms and policy documents are in the process of being streamlined and updated to meet this objective.

The Committee appreciates your partnership in this improvement effort by notifying the appropriate District Committee member of any suggested improvements to forms and policies that would improve the program and streamline the process, see our Contact Us page.



Required for participation in D5080 Youth Exchange

Annual Club Compliance Certification - for the US and Canada due October 15:   Club Compliance Forms: SCRYE IB-1 (US) or SCRYE  cIB-1 (Canada) 

 SCRYE forms and downloads page

1.57 Annual Club Youth Exchange Agreement due October 15

1.52 Club Suggested Youth Exchange Budget

1.53 Club YE Activity Checklist

YEAH Volunteer Application-YEAH Volunteer Form. For all Club members with significant and/or one on one contact with youth exchange students) 8/20 update

1.55 Compliance Checklist

1.56 Forms and Documents Expiry

Please verify you are using the most recent form prior to submission.  The date of the most recent revision is either on the bottom, left or top.  Forms received on an old version will be returned.

* By submitting this form, your club is agreeing to comply with the policies and procedures of the District 5080 Youth Exchange Committee as specified in the Club Manual below.



Guide for Exchange Students (RI)

Guide for Host Families (RI)

Long Term Exchange Brochure (RI)

2.57 Long Term Exchange Power Point (2021-2022) Exchange Year) (D5080)

5.54 Short Term Exchange Brochure  (D5080)

5.55 Short Term Exchange Power Point (2019 Exchange Year)   (D5080)

CSRYE promotional videos with interviews of exchange students and host families  

Rotary International Code of Policies, Sept, 2016 (check for updates)




Club Manual

Index to Documents and Forms

1.00 General Documents    Update 10/11/20 

2.00 Outbound Exchange Documents

3.00 Inbound Exchange Documents

4.00 Host Family Documents

5.00 Short Term Exchange Documents

6.00 Crisis Management Documents

7.00 Youth Protection



Long Term Exchange


2.51 Preliminary Outbound Student Application and Country Preference*



Oct 1

Short Term Exchange


5.51 Short Term Exchange Program Country Preference*



Feb 15

Long Term Exchange Program YEAH Online Application: Update 10/19/20


Nov 25/Dec 1

Short Term Exchange Program Application: 

Feb 15

2.52 Long Term Exchange Program Travel Permission and Financial Agreement* Send this form into your Club YE Contact or  the District Outbound Coordinator.

Nov 25/Dec 1

YEAH Host Family Application 

Feb 15

2.56 Conger Memorial Fund Scholarship Application

Mar 1

5.56 Conger Memorial Fund Scholarship Application for Short Term Exchange

Feb 15

2.58 Student Data for Cards*

Nov 25/Dec 1


DELIVERY OF FORMS: See Contacts page for instructions.

NOTE: where there are 2 Due dates, the 1st is the due date to the Club, the 2nd is the due date to the District Committee.

PLEASE verify you are using the most recent form prior to submission.

INBOUND FORMS (Long term exchange)



3.51 Inbound Student Data Summary*

3.52 Custodianship Declaration - CA only*

3.53 Drinking and Driving Policy and Regulations Agreement

C.51 Inbound Student Agreement** 

C.52 Inbound Student Travel Permission**

Various Ski Weekend sign up forms




June 1

Fall Camp

June 1

June 1

Jan 1

United States


3.51 Inbound Student Data Summary*


3.53 Drinking and Driving Policy and Regulations Agreement

C.51 Inbound Student Agreement**

C.52 Inbound Student Travel Permission**






Fall Camp

June 1

June 1



DELIVERY OF FORMS: See Contacts page for instructions.


** These forms are in the Committee Manual and arrive with the student's application.  Clubs will be provided a copy but Clubs are not responsible for obtaining these forms.

***to be completed upon arrival of student and with every change in host family



SCRYE Approved Tours

General information about optional Rotary Youth Exchange Tours currently available to District 5080 inbound students. Only those tours approved by SCRYE plus the 3rd company listed on the SCRYE website are available to District 5080 inbound students.  Students are encouraged to apply early as the tours tend to fill.


Rotary International Youth Exchange

Youth Exchange information on Rotary International's site with generic exchange information.


NAYEN's  (North American Youth Exchange) YEO Resources

NAYEN's site is a wealth of information and resources contributed by many participants for all who work in Rotary Youth Exchange. 


Rotary District 5080

Rotary District 5080, an international district including northern Idaho, USA,  northeastern Washington, USA, and southeastern British Columbia, Canada.


Rotary District 5080 Map

An interactive map of Rotary District 5080.

RI Club Finder

Rotary International's club finder map, use it to locate a Rotary club anywhere in the world.

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award)



Information about other District 5080 New Generations programs (programs for youth):  RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award), Interact, and Rotaract

US DOS Regulations


US Department of State Regulations governing inbound students to the USA.

Inbound Student Issues & How to Address Them

Inbound student issues and how to address them.

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All forms and applications are opened and saved with FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software, please get and install this FREE program if it is not now on your computer.  Click on the button to Get Adobe Reader and follow the instructions. Click on the form or application title (underlined) to download and save it.  Some of the longer forms (those with an *) are interactive and data can be typed into it and then it can be saved on your computer as you complete it.   BE SURE TO USE THE MOST CURRENT VERSION OF ADOBE READER DC.